If you have any questions or comments about ASH or ASHLink, please feel free to contact us.

  1. ONLINE: After you log in to ASHLink from the "ASHLink Login" page of this Web site, use the "Submit an Online Question or Comment" link found under the Help menu. Your question or comment will be submitted directly to our ASHLink Support Team and replies will be sent to you via your ASHLink Message Center. If you do not have an ASHLink account or are unable to access ASHLink, you may also use the "Contact Us" page at https://www.ASHLink.com/ASH/public/providers/contact/Default.aspx
  2. E-MAIL: service@ashn.com
  3. MAIL:  American Specialty Health, P.O. Box 509001, San Diego, CA. 92150-9001.
  4. PHONE: (Please use the Customer Service phone number for your specialty)

    Acupuncture - (800) 972-4226

    Chiropractic - (800) 972-4226

    Dietetics - (800) 972-4226

    Massage Therapy - (800) 972-4226

    Naturopathy - (800) 972-4226

    Fitness Club - (877) 329-2746