Electronic Transactions

  • Verify member eligibility and benefits.
  • Conveniently submit claims for processing and payment.
  • Pass batch claim transactions to ASH Clearinghouse.

Reference Materials

  • Reference clinical practice guidelines to support the delivery of health care services.
  • Access a comprehensive educational library of information about working within the ASH system.
  • Experience instant access to the most current ASH materials (Agreements, Client Summaries, Program Manuals, Forms, and more).


  • Communicate with ASH and stay up to date with current matters.
  • Receive ASH notifications and newsletters.

Note: Not all features on this page are available to all users.

What Our Providers Are Saying

“Your computer system and online billing are outstanding. Employees that I interact with are awesome.”

“ASH has a super good system for communicating, handling claims and providing information for practitioners.”

“I like using ASHLink. It makes my life much easier.”

Take Advantage of the Cost-Saving Benefits of ASHLink Today!

Using ASHLink will also help you...
  • Go green by reducing the amount of paper you receive and viewing ASH communications online.
  • Reduce your printing needs and postage costs.
  • Conduct your daily business in a more convenient and time-efficient manner.