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Tips for Choosing a Chiropractor

Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) are well-trained health care professionals. They are experts in the treatment of health issues of the muscles and bones system. Above all, these doctors are experts in the structure and role of the spine. 

Choosing a specialist 

This begins your road to recovery. Try asking your doctor or health care provider for names of DCs. Or, talk to your family and friends. They may know a DC who offers high quality care. 

Do your research 

  • Look for someone who: 
  • Is licensed in your state 
  • Has treated conditions like yours  
  • Treats you with respect  
  • Listens to your health concerns 
  • Answers your questions 
  • Wants to help you improve your health  

Find the right DC for you 

Your chiropractor should work with you to set your health goals. Your DC should also come up with a health care plan based on those goals. This plan should: 

  • Offer visit schedules that you can handle 
  • Measure progress at all visits 
  • Make changes as needed 
  • Include home exercise program and home care program. This means you would have both active and passive care. 
  • Guide you in stretching, posture, and body mechanics 
  • Send you back to your doctor as needed 

Red flags 

You will not want to choose a DC who insists on too many office visits over a long period of time unless there is a medical reason. Also, watch out for pricey health care and products not covered by insurance.  

Making your choice 

Your DC’s office staff should always treat you with courtesy. Before starting with a new office, make sure that you’re comfortable. Choosing a DC is a big step on the road to healing, so it’s best to take your time making a choice.  

The office staff 

  • You will want the chiropractor’s office staff to treat you well. Here are a few things to ask yourself: 
  • When you call, are they helpful and professional? Do they answer all your questions?  
  • Do they help you with setting future sessions? 
  • Will you be comfortable working with the DC and the staff? 

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